Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crazy Week!

Despite us all (except Abby) still not over our colds, we had a pretty busy week this week.

After late Monday and Tuesday nights at work this week, Greg was ready to take it a bit easier on Wednesday.  He was getting ready to leave when surprise, he was offered tickets to the Real Salt Lake soccer game in a suite that night.  Of all the fun work-perks that Greg gets the soccer one is one of his favorites because not only are the seats great they come with a room filled with food to enjoy as well.  Alex had never been to one of these events (and any event but this would require too much calmness from him) so Greg was excited to get the chance to take the whole family.

The night was a really weird one for spring in Utah with wind and rain and even some snow.  The upside of all that was that it kept lots of people at home including whoever we were going to share the suite with so we got the whole space all to ourselves.  The kids had fun stuffing their faces with food and occasionally watching the game.

Alex had his last day of preschool this week which was celebrated with a class program (Alex was very shy but did manage to handle standing on the stage... after some convincing) as well as an end-of-year party at The Bounce House.

Greg and Debbie got to trade date-nights with Gen to go to a Kristin Chenoweth performance at BYU. It was a fun and engaging evening even though Greg didn't know who she was.  Debbie was disappointed that she couldn't join in the sing along parts because of her cold.

As part of our prep for our new house Debbie want on a shopping spree to Ikea. Greg wouldn't have the stamina for a trip like that so Debbie took Greg's sister and they picked lots and lots and lots of boxes out. The boxes will all get delivered next week cause there is no way we are hauling this all back in our cars!

That left Greg to watch the kids which meant ANOTHER trip to the bounce house and a quick grocery trip.  In this picture, Greg forgot to get a cookie for his nephew who then insistently reminded him with squeaks that although he is the pickiest eater on earth, he does consider cookies to be one of the 5 foods he will eat,  They had a fun time together.

With sickness and house preparations and extra Alex sensitivity it's been another tough week but lots of fun/interesting moments as well.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Still Sick

 This week has had it's fair share of downs.  Alex being sick has made him even more sensitive and unreasonable than usual.  The worst part of the week though was that Alex shared his germs with Greg and Debbie and they have spent the last four days being miserable which also makes things kind of miserable for the kids.  But despite the yuckiness there have been a few highs.

having his blanket makes him feel better

Debbie went as a chaperone for Abby's school fieldtrip to BYU.  They saw a dance performance and explored the Beam Museum. Debbie was pretty wiped out after the trip and completely lost her voice the day after.

While Debbie and Abby were at a BYU field trip, Alex got to play with his cousin.  Hopefully he didn't share his germs.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ups and Downs

This week has had a lot of ups and downs!

The week started off with Abby not feeling well so we kept her from school.  She was only really out of it for about half a day which Alex considered to be a success since "that means we had the whole day to play!"

Alex got to go to a preschool activity with his cousin at the mall where they learned about sharing and donuts.  Alex might not remember the sharing part but he definitely enjoyed the donuts.  He also enjoyed being silly with his cousin.

It was dentist time for the kids... something that Abby loves but makes Alex very nervous.  Alex did like watching the train though.  In the end, they both did quite well, no cavities.  Alex didn't even cry... much.

After the dentist the kids and Debbie shared a treat as a prize for doing so well during their check up.

Last week Alex called Debbie's dad and arranged a sleep over for him and Abby this weekend.  We were impressed with his initiative.  We were also looking forward to checking a lot of things off the to-do list while the kids were at their grandparents. Unfortunately Alex seemed kind of out of it on Friday.  We thought it was just heat exhaustion (he is not understanding season/temperature changes and insisted on wearing his sweatshirt all day Friday in the 80' heat).  He still wanted to go visit Papa and Mema though so we drove the kids half way where Debbie's mom met us and she took the kids the rest of the way.  

Abby had a blast playing in mud (as usual), going for a walk, and going out for dinner.  Alex was up and down the whole time.  Turns out it was not just heat exhaustion but he was actually sick.  His energy levels went up and down with a fever and by Saturday night he was just not feeling well.  That's when we decided that instead of meeting them half way on Sunday afternoon we'd drive up and get the kids on Sunday morning.  It was a good thing we did because Alex is one sick kid and he just wanted his dad.

While the kids were at their grandparents we did get some work done.  On Saturday morning we helped grandparents transport their flower pots to the local hardware store which was having their annual free potting event.  You take in your empty flower pot, buy some flowers, and they would put it together for free.  Grandparents look thrilled with the results.

We also did some planting.  At our new house we've cleared a space for a vegetable garden and raspberry patch.  We also moved some of our garden boxes and got them set up for strawberries and tomatoes.  We are excited to see what is successful.  Hopefully we'll be eating the fruits of our labor this fall.

We also had time to relax with a massage and dinner date. The massage was way past due and the dinner was delicious. 

While Alex has been sick and tied to Greg's side Debbie and Abby found themselves with some extra time on Sunday evening.  The weather was beautiful so they decided to bike to the park.  It was nice to get outside for some fun.

Hopefully this next week has more highs than lows and 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fun at school

 Abby has really been enjoying school this year and always has lots to talk about.

This week was their "art walk" where all the interior walls of the school were covered with art that the students had done in the last couple of months.  Abby and Greg went on a date to check that out and enjoyed strolling the halls and looking for Abby's work.  we got a picture with Abby posing next to her name, what she wants to be when she grows up (pop star), and some other expressions.

Another fun happening at Abby's school is their raising of some chicks.  They got to see the eggs hatch and now are watching the chicks mature and grow up.  Despite Abby and Debbie's begging, Greg has not given in to adopting chickens.  Maybe someday.  Alex got to visit one afternoon and see the chicks which he thought was pretty cool.


The last week has been surprisingly cold for spring.  We're done with winter though and want to get outside so took a few walks.  Alex was less than excited about some of those so here is how he dressed...

On the new-house front, we've finally had completed all of the drywall and mudding work.  Coming up next week will be hard-floors and doors!  We spend each Saturday working on weeding and outside work until we fill up the dumpster.  There is probably another 5 or 6 dumpsters worth of weeds and random junk in the yard so we have plenty of work ahead!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Random Pics

We've all been busy this week with what has become our new normal.

Debbie has been busy trying to balance home life, coordinating things and working at the new house, and handling lots and lots of sewing for her side-work.  Debbie has been working for the last year contracting for alterations and repairs for dress store in town.  She likes that she can work from home and do something she is good at and enjoys.  Unfortunately, this is prom season which means she is getting more work than she might otherwise want but she is swimming through it.

While Debbie is working, Alex finds ways to entertain himself...

Alex likes to color and sometimes he finds interesting places to do it.

Alex's cousin came over for a play date and Alex made a fort all by himself.  The boys had lots of fun in there.

We took a break from the grind on Saturday night and headed out for some shopping and dinner.  Everyone got at least one new piece of clothing and everyone got a milkshake!  Pretty awesome!

Don't have a great story for this one... it speaks for itself.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post for this week.  We've been busy with family events, work, and house rennovations.  Here are some highlights:

Greg got another pair of front court tickets from work to see the Jazz's final home game of the season.  Greg went with his brother-in-law and they had a good time and the right team won.  Work can be long sometimes but boy it has its perks...

The kids hit the Easter egg hunt jackpot this year with not one but two hunts.  The first hunt was a neighborhood hunt at some friends nearby where they do an annual Easter egg hunt and potluck.  There were so many eggs the only thing constraining the kids was the size of their baskets. 

Abby went for some of the more challenging finds.

Opening up her haul.

Alex also did very well even though he could only fully use one hand (the gloved hand is where he got a very very minor scratch that he didn't want anyone to see).

After Easter party #1, we took a bit of a rest and then headed to hunt #2.  Hunt #2 was at great-grandparents house where the kids had a great time finding eggs but an even better time playing with cousins and extended family.  The kids played the night away while Greg and Debbie enjoyed chatting and not having to chase Abby and Alex around.  It was a very enjoyable day.

Monday, April 10, 2017

We bought a house!

Well, the biggest news for the past little bit is that we have bought a house!

It's not very far away (just a mile or two north of where we are now) and we aren't moving in any time soon (more on that in a bit) but we are excited about it and looking forward to settling down there!

The house is a pretty decent size with 3 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 bedrooms + playrooms in the basement.  We like the layout of the house and the location (it is in the boundaries of the school Abby is going to now) but it needs quite a bit of updating inside.  Which is a fine thing... Debbie has always dreamed about doing a major update, so here is her chance.  We aren't making many structural changes but we are going to completely gut the interior and make updates throughout.

Debbie is very excited about the house and renovation.  Greg is... his usual self.

In between our trip to DC and the camping trip that Debbie and kids took we started that demolition work and through a combination of our own work, work from a contractor, help from family, and hired neighborhood help we just finished all of the demo/cleanup this weekend.

Alex thought all of the demolition and hauling was interesting... here he is explaining it to Greg's sister.

The most difficult part of demolition was removing the floor to ceiling rock wall.  Debbie's dad was kind of excited to use the demolition hammer and worked hardest of all to take the wall apart piece by piece.

Abby worked on it too.
The kids enjoyed time playing while one or both of their parents worked on the house.

Alex and Greg on a zipline

Alex and Abby and their cousin