Sunday, March 19, 2017

Loving the Weather

Spring is definitely here and we are loving it!  Here are some highlights from our week:

Great-grandparents took the kids out for frozen yogurt for their birthdays.  The kids loved it (as you can see) and everyone had a good time.
Chicken-noodle-soup-with-wheat-thins is not your typical picnic food (or even a typical meal combination) but it was yum and the weather was nice so they went for it!  (Greg was late at work as he has been all week)
Abby had her 8-year-old-checkup.  She confirmed her heart is working.
Greg and Abby went to her school's Engineering Night.  They built a catapult and guided a little robot through some obstacles.  (Would have been even more fun if those activities were combined!)

One afternoon the neighbors had their sprinklers on.  Abby and Alex of course thought it would be a great idea to turn ours on and run around... even though it was only in the mid-60s.  They had fun for 10 minutes or so until Alex all-of-a-sudden realized he was cold.  Surprise!  He was rockin pretty sweet snow boots though.

Greg had a lot of late nights at work which has been tough but we had a really sweet night on Saturday thanks to work (well, specifically Greg's boss).  We got invited to go to a private VIP showing of Beauty and the Beast.  The theater was just friends/family of Greg's boss and was all luxury seats, plus whatever we wanted from concessions plus, Debbie's favorite, blankets as well.  Greg's sister went with us and we all had a great time.  It was the first time we had all gone to a movie as a family (and Alex's first movie theater period) and although we probably won't go again too soon (2+ hours is a long time for Alex to sit through) we all had a lot of fun and it was quite a treat.


Ended the week with a park trip... not too many days pass without us getting out!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Birthday Girls!

This was the most birthdayful week of the year!  Both Abby and Debbie celebrated their birthdays during the week.  We had fun doing multiple birthday things on their actual birthday and on the weekend.  

For their birthday this year both Abby and Debbie got a new bike (one for Debbie and one for Abby).  Abby was so excited about hers she was out riding it before school the day she got it.

The girls on their birthday

She is so excited about this present.
 On Abby's birthday, her aunt surprised her with lunch at school and a birthday balloon.  Abby loved the extra attention.

On the weekend Abby had a birthday party with friends.  She invited many of her friends from school and they had a movie night with pizza, cake, candy, dancing, games outside, and lots of fun.  Abby loved it but she was pretty wasted at the end (and so were her parents!)

Birthday cake on the kitchen floor.

Alex has been especially trying this week and wears down his parents patience.  He is a smart boy but often his smarts run away with him and he invents wild worst-case-scenarios that work him up even more.  At some point, hopefully his emotional intelligence catches up with his mental intelligence!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Welcoming March

Happy March!

We are ready for a break from February and winter months and we are looking forward to Spring!

February ended like it began, with some snow and cold temperatures.  Luckily that lasted for just one day this week and it has warmed up since.

For the last year or so, Alex has been doing a program where we track the number of books read to him with a goal of having 1,000 books read to him by the time he hits Kindergarten.  Alex easily hit that goal and because he completed the program, he got to go to a special reading party at the library.  Abby got to tag along but Alex was the spotlight and he got snacks, activities, a book, and bags of random stuff to take home.  It was pretty great... we love our library.

Typical Alex hiding behind the sign.

Enjoying a puppet show

They had a cool bike that powered a blender which made smoothies.  Abby loved powering it and wanted to do it for everyone.  Maybe we should get one of those for home...

Guess who Thing 3 is!

This weekend we were lucky enough to get some warmer weather which we took full advantage of.  We got out and did some yard and gutter clean-up  (Greg weirdly enjoys it) and also spent some time at a park, flying a kite, and enjoying a break from the cold.

Unfortunately, Alex has come down with a cold that kept him (and Greg) awake most of one night.  Just when Abby finally got over her sickness now we've got another one.  Such is life with kids... thankfully the colds haven't been too bad.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Presidents Day 2017

This week began with President's Day which Greg was lucky enough to get off.  The weather was not-terrible (50 degrees) and we were getting cabin fever so we decided to go for a bike ride up the canyon.   Debbie recently bought a new bike and we were excited to try it out . Although the wind was chilly on our ride it was really nice to get out and get some exercise.  It made us think that spring was around the corner!  (Though the snow the next day was a good reminder that it is still a month away.)

The destination of our ride was a park a little ways up where Abby and Alex spent some time scrambling around on rocks and throwing sticks into the river.

Alex had the most enjoyable ride.  Wind-proof cozy.  He was half asleep on the ride there.  Lucky guy!

The rest of the week was really busy for Greg.  Taking a day off just seemed to mean that there was just as much work but crammed into 4 days instead of 5.  Oh well.

We're looking forward to more rides as soon as spring comes for real!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Artistic Expressions

While it is still cold outside, our kids are getting lots of opportunities indoors to explore arts and "culture".
On a cold day, the kids were very excited to go down for a visit to the Bean Museum at BYU.  They have been a few times and still like going back.  It's not too big, not too crazy, and not too far away.

Alex continues to be obsessed with firetrucks and other vehicles and has added Transformer - Rescue Bots to the set of things in his imaginary play repertoire.

All on his own, he used one of Abby's headbands and the tape he got from Christmas to rig himself up a set of fire engine sirens that he could wear around.  He of course makes the siren sound as loud as he can while running around the house.  If that boy is awake, he is making noise.  We love his zest for life even though it runs over us sometimes.

On Saturday we went to the Museum of Art for our monthly art activity.  The results this month won't win any awards but we all look forward to the museum visit and the activities they have.

Alex's "cheese"s are still a work in progress

Working well side-by-side

Rain drops, rain clouds, and a rainbow car

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Playing Games

 Not much to report on this week... just another week at school and at work.  Abby has been getting over a cold and ear infection that has caused her some pain.

As the kids grow older we have had fun finding new activities to do with them.  During winter, they have gotten more into board games.  Alex doesn't always understand the rules but he is happy to improvise. When it is just Alex and a parent we let him come up with whatever rules he wants but when Abby is around, she doesn't take that.

Here are the kids playing games when Aunt Gen was babysitting

And with great-grandparents on another night...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

St George

After a month with a ton of snow and lots of cold we needed to get away and take a break.  We took Friday off from school and work and decided to head south to St. George.  We had never visited there as a family and it seemed like the most accessible warm spot we could find.

For the ride down, we bought a CD player so that the kids could listen to audiobooks with headphones.  They each took turns on that and it helped to keep them entertained (along with food and videos).

Once we got down there, we went to a park to get some wiggles out and then spent a while at the hotel pool.  We ate a yummy dinner at a Peruvian restaurant before calling it a night.

On Saturday, we went for a little hike/walk before hitting a really yummy crepe restaurant.  At the crepe place, Debbie and the kids got sweet crepes and Greg got a ham/egg/cheese one.

After stuffing ourselves, we went for a round of minigolf.  We didn't keep score and everyone had their own style.  Alex liked to pick up his ball and throw it or drop it in the hole.  Abby liked to sweep the ball with her putter and Greg and Debbie tried, and failed, to get low scores.  In the end, the only hole in one was Abby's though so I guess her style worked.

Alex was bored some of the time but did fine on the drive.  He kept his beloved blanket very close.

We loved getting outside to play at a park.

Alex was a little nervous that the volcano at the park was real.

The kids had fun packing and taking care of their own suitcases.  Luckily no one forgot extra underwear.

Greg was cold (Debbie didn't even get in!) but Alex and Abby jumped right in and this was the first time the kids really interacted with each other in the water.

On a swing at our morning walk.

Exploring the desert garden.

Checking out Abby's shot.

Hole in one!

Alex placed the ball wherever he wanted.

Also during this week were a cousin date for Alex and Debbie got a date with Greg's sister and grandparents to BYU's production of Mary Poppins.