Monday, December 11, 2017

Busy week with friends and family

This has been a super busy and fun week for us!

On Monday we had the first snow of the season and all of the little people in the house were super excited.  Before the kids had even eaten breakfast they wanted to get out and build a snowman.  We managed to hold them off until after they had gotten dressed but then they were out to work.  They got a little tiny snowman up but the snow didn't last much more than just that one day (though the cold has stuck around!)  The kids are looking forward to more snow (though their parents not so much!)

This was Bella's first snow and she thought it was pretty special.  She went tearing around the yard chasing snow piles and filling her mouth up with snow.  She looked a little silly when she finally came in.

Alex had his school holiday party this week which he has been looking forward to for weeks.  It was a soup and salad lunch with a few different activites. His favorite was making 'Snowman Soup' (hot coco powder with candy mixed in) that he can make sometime.

Debbie had a date with Greg's sister to see Into the Woods at BYU. Debbie really enjoyed the show. It made her wish she was more involved in theater.

This week also had Greg annual work holiday party.  This year the dress and event weren't quite as fancy and formal as years past but we did dress up a little and had a good time.  Debbie took on making her own dress and it looked great.  Greg handled getting himself dressed but that's about the end of his crafting accomplishments.

Debbie has a Christmas holiday tradition (borrowed from Greg's Mom) of unwrapping and reading a Christmas book before bed. Alex was particularly excited because tonight he unwrapped his favorite book this week.


We also had a fun three days with Greg's brother in town.  We did a lot of gaming of all kinds and packed as much as we could into the short time he was here.  We played a lot of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 which has been a fun cooperative adventure even though it can feel despairing when you aren't winning.

We take it pretty seriously...

We also did two escape rooms with friends.  We had originally just booked a reservation to do one but after how much fun we had on that one, we asked the babysitter to hang tight and we did another one.  We've loved every escape room we've done and this one was no different... one of them (the western one below) may even be our favorite we've ever done.  Everybody worked together really well and we were able to solve both of them with only a single clue.  We felt pretty good about that.

We also ate a lot of good food while Greg's brother was in town.  That included restaurants but also a taste testing with Miracle Berries.  Miracle Berries turn sour foods sweet so we got a bunch of sour candy and fruits and tried it out.  It was kind of interesting but not as mind-blowing as we thought... probably don't need to try it again soon.  The only really cool part was tasting lemons where your brain expects sour but it tastes like a super sweetened lemonade.

While Greg and Debbie were at their party, Uncle took the kids for some yummy BBQ.

Everybody chowing down together at the place that has everything!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Let the Holidays Begin

This last week has been pretty normal with school and work.  We are really enjoying the warmer that usual weather right now.
This week Abigail completed a reward chart for practicing the piano.  She choose to have a pedicure for her reward. She loved every minute of it.  Debbie missed the opportunity to get a picture of her face when she saw the wide variety of colors she was allowed to choose from. She was in awe! Her favorite part was the snow flake detail she got on her big toe. It was a fun experience for her.


On the weekend Debbie's family held their annual Christmas party. They had breakfast, games, and exchanging gifts. Abigail loves organizing games and activities with her cousins. It didn't take her long to have a game of school going.  

There was also fun had with a scavenger hunt, sock game, and story time. The kids each loved their gifts which included books, posters, coloring, and rock excavation.

Abigail put this ribon on Papa's head and declared it a perfect fit.

With the fist Christmas party we can say that the Holiday season is officially underway. The kids are loving the lights, treats, and traditions of the season. We are happy that we have another three weeks of it ahead.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had an awesome week this week with weather, food, family, and good times all coming together for a very enjoyable couple of days.

This week had a very relaxed feeling with Greg off of work every day but Monday and the weather very pleasant in the mid 50s and 60s.  That meant we had lots of time to do outside projects as well as other Thankgiving activities.

Alex has been spending lots of his time playing with Bella, our dog.  He enjoys having someone he can wrestle with even though she has grown to the point that she is now bigger than him.

Here they are watching the street sweeper.
We had Thanksgiving at our house this year.  It was a little strange breaking with tradition with Grandparents but we were excited to have it in our new house and it turned out well.  We thought the food was some of the best we have ever made and all ate a ton.

Alex thought he was a King drinking from fancy glasses 

After the main meal everyone went into a food coma

After Thanksgiving we had a couple more relaxing days that were filled with playing games and doing Christmas lights at our house and helping Grandparents with theirs.

For the start of the Christmas season, we got the kids matching pajamas.  They were goofs for the picture but they were excited to wear them.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


This week has been filled with numerous appointments for us. The kids had dentist visits.  This year was much easier for Alex (who has always been terrified by the hygienist's instruments) by his having his own electric toothbrush.

The TV in the ceiling helps too.

Neither of them had cavities and behaved well enough to earn a treat from Kneaders (this may be becoming a tradition).

Abigail had an appointment with the eye doctor.  She hadn't passed her school vision screening so we took her in to see what was going on.  She was diagnosed with a condition that makes it difficult for her to focus both up close and far away. Greg and Debbie will meet with the doctor this week to learn more about the needed treatment. Abigail was slightly disappointed that she didn't need glasses.

Abigail also had a hair appointment.  She very independently went to the appointment by herself and choose to cut off a good 6-8 inches of her hair. Her hair has not been this short since she was two but she loves it!

Our last appointment this week was as a family...VIP tickets to the BYU football game (thanks to Greg's work). While the season and this game have both been flops, the experience was fantastic and we got to enjoy living it large for a while.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Creative kids

While this week has been fairly uneventful for us there have been some fun bits.  The kids spent an afternoon working on these self portraits (complete with bags of candy).  Greg and Debbie enjoy watching their creativity and love it even more when they work together happily on a project like this one.

Alex also get creative with his food.  He seems to enjoy eating more when his food has a face...

On a less creative note...we are happy this year to only have one tree that drops leaves.  We've raked a few times but it is nothing like what we've had to do in the past.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Happy Halloween!

We hope your Halloween was awesome!  We had a fun and very busy Halloween week.

While Halloween may not be Debbie's favorite holiday, it certainly is one of the busiest for her.  On Halloween day she had not 1, not 2, but 3 parties and a parade.  One at Alex's preschool, one at Abby's school, and then lastly one at Greg's work (the parade was at Abigail's school in the morning).

Everyone getting dressed for their day!  We should have gotten Bella a costume.  We'll get that right next year.

Going around to different trick or treat stations at Greg's work.

Ready to begin the night!  The kids' cousin joined them which made the night extra special.

This was our first year trick-or-treating in this neighborhood so there was a bit of panic trying to decide the optimum route.  I don't know if we did it perfect but I'd say we came pretty close.  The kids managed to keep their energy and attitude positive for the whole time and the loot was pretty sweet... we credit the fancy neighborhood behind us for 3 full size candy bars in each pile!  What a haul!  They were, of course, the first to get munched by the kids as well.

Probably unrelated to Halloween but Alex has started a new trend this week.  Rather than sleep on the fancy raised fort-bed that he has, he's decided to sleep in the closet.  For the first 3 nights he was sleeping on the bare floor with a blanket on top of him.  Greg convinced him to put a fluffy blanket under him to sleep but he has been sleeping there consistently for nearly a week.  He keeps a flashlight, water bottle, and white noise maker in there and is very content.  It's a little weird but hey, he's happy.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin Heads

Happy Halloween Season!

Monday of this week was the last day of fall break so Debbie and the kids took advantage of that with a stop to a pumpkin patch and fun farm.  While the pumpkins were cool, the favorite activity was the corn pits where the kids got to slide, swim, and bury each other in corn kernels.  

Between the pumpkins from this pumpkin patch and the pumpkins that Debbie's parents brought down we were set for Halloween.

At school, Alex had a Halloween party.  He loves his Superman costume and had fun doing games and making things.  Alex has a couple of good friends in his class which has made this year very nice.

Alex showing some good form with Pumpkin bowling

No Halloween would be complete without pumpkin carving/painting.  Abby went for a more traditional jack-o-lantern which Greg helped carve.  In previous years Abby has had no desire to pull out the pumpkin "guts" but this year she loved it and we had to finally convince her she had pulled out enough and could stop.  She loved the slimy feeling.   Alex prefers painting to carving and made his pumpkin a lovely canvas.

We even had a little cousin over to join us.  Lots of fun.

The kids are excited for a new neighborhood to trick or treat in, should be a fun week!