Sunday, March 19, 2017

Loving the Weather

Spring is definitely here and we are loving it!  Here are some highlights from our week:

Great-grandparents took the kids out for frozen yogurt for their birthdays.  The kids loved it (as you can see) and everyone had a good time.
Chicken-noodle-soup-with-wheat-thins is not your typical picnic food (or even a typical meal combination) but it was yum and the weather was nice so they went for it!  (Greg was late at work as he has been all week)
Abby had her 8-year-old-checkup.  She confirmed her heart is working.
Greg and Abby went to her school's Engineering Night.  They built a catapult and guided a little robot through some obstacles.  (Would have been even more fun if those activities were combined!)

One afternoon the neighbors had their sprinklers on.  Abby and Alex of course thought it would be a great idea to turn ours on and run around... even though it was only in the mid-60s.  They had fun for 10 minutes or so until Alex all-of-a-sudden realized he was cold.  Surprise!  He was rockin pretty sweet snow boots though.

Greg had a lot of late nights at work which has been tough but we had a really sweet night on Saturday thanks to work (well, specifically Greg's boss).  We got invited to go to a private VIP showing of Beauty and the Beast.  The theater was just friends/family of Greg's boss and was all luxury seats, plus whatever we wanted from concessions plus, Debbie's favorite, blankets as well.  Greg's sister went with us and we all had a great time.  It was the first time we had all gone to a movie as a family (and Alex's first movie theater period) and although we probably won't go again too soon (2+ hours is a long time for Alex to sit through) we all had a lot of fun and it was quite a treat.


Ended the week with a park trip... not too many days pass without us getting out!

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