Sunday, June 18, 2017

Work hard, Play hard

We had a good week of work hard/play hard.

Things go in fits-and-starts finishing up our new house.  We got our lighting basically finished and most of the cabinets in but are still waiting on some minor details like working toilets and a kitchen sink.

With carpets and lighting in place the kids are having a bit more fun and aren't dreading going over there any more.

Any place with a screen is a good place... say the kids.

Abby borrowing the camera to take a picture while Debbie and her Dad put up curtain rods.

Debbie's Dad came down on Monday and was a huge help in moving some things between houses as well as taking on some of the many random tasks that need to happen to be move-in ready.
Caught Papa napping

After a long day, we went for a picnic and play at a park.

After a long week, we went for a couple of adventures on the weekend.  The first adventure was to Upper Falls in Provo.  The trailhead is a little hard to find and the way we went looks kind of sketchy but once we got on the path it was pretty smooth sailing up to a nice waterfall.

Someone didn't want us going through... luckily we all fit through the gap.

Enjoying the view

While Debbie and Greg explored a little further after reaching the waterfall, the kids made shelter with Greg's Dad and ate chips.

Beyond the waterfall there is a trail that gets even more treacherous.  We only went a little ways...

Saturday night we had a nice smores roasting and relaxed.

We didn't get a picture but we also went on a nice summer bike ride on Sunday.  There is a great bike trail not far from our house that can be followed either into the canyon or up through town.  We went town-ways for the first time and had a very nice ride.  We are loving how accessible so many outside activities are here!

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JMA said...

More hikes, please! The one on Saturday was great.