Sunday, July 23, 2017

Baptism, time with Grandparents, fireworks

After all the travel of earlier in July we were finally back to a normal full week.  Well, not quite normal since it is summer with lots of fun and adventures, but close.

Abby turned 8 a while ago but we wanted to wait for her baptism until we could get all of our family together. That finally worked out for us last weekend and we had a great service with lots of family.  Thanks to everyone who was there to support her.

Abby and Alex have each had special dates with their grandparents and now it was time for one together.  They got taken to IHOP (I think their first time ever going) where they each got a feast of a breakfast.  Alex got some kind of chocolate giant pancake face and Abby was able to put down an entire plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Our kids are rarely big eaters but sometimes they surprise us!

Just about every day we have been able to get together with cousins or grandparents this week. Some of the highlights were:

Feeding ducks and exploring the "forest"

Going to Sundance for a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Going back to our old house to watch the ridiculous fireworks show put on our old neighbors.  It was seriously over the top and unlike any residential fireworks we've ever seen.  Abby loved it.  Alex has stayed away from it each year including this one.

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JMA said...

It's been a fun week with over-the-top breakfast, over-the-top fireworks, and lots of fun with your family. I could get used to this. Except the over-the-top breakfast part. Maybe only once in a while . . .