Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Last Two Weeks

We love how much we get to play during the summer. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately.
A beautiful morning hike to Buffalo Peak
Alex's first time on the trail-a-bike.  Unfortunately, Debbie got a major tire blow-out not long after this picture.  They were resolved to walk home but a nice man with an empty truck bed offered to help them out.  He tossed all the bikes into his truck and gave them a ride home.

The kids helped Debbie set up the patio table and have been enjoying dinner outside almost every night.

Camping in the backyard is a summertime staple.  While the kids were really excited about this, after a while Alex decided he'd like his bed more and Abby was so worried about sleeping alone that Greg stayed the night out there even though he likes his bed more too.

We love having a computer in the kitchen.  The kids have enjoyed all the education games (and occasional show) they get to explore.

The car wash is so cool, especially with Papa Michael

Cousin time

Our most recent hike felt like we were walking into someone's backyard to begin with.

Rocky Mouth Falls--not someone's backyard.

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