Monday, September 11, 2017

Labor Day and Parties

We love holiday weeks! Mostly because it means time together with the people we love.  On Labor day we went up the canyon with Greg's sister.  We cooked bacon over the fire and had BLTs.  We played 'would-you-rather' games while the boys played in  the dirt. Then we roasted marshmallows and had s'mores.  It was an enjoyable afternoon.

We forgot some vital cooking tools but we were able to improvise with a roasting sick and things.
Tanner was so happy to be throwing dirt on everything including Alex.
Yummy marshmallows

He usually has his s'more deconstructed.  This was his first time putting all the ingredients together.  I think he liked it.

At the end of the week we had Greg's company picnic.  We have been looking forward to this all year long.  It's a couple of hours of free food, bounce houses, and fun.  This year got off to a rough start with some stormy weather that was stressing Debbie out when we left the house combined with driving 40 minutes to the park that it's been at in the past only to find out that it was at another location 25 minutes from that.

When we finally got to the party the kids were very excited about all the bounce houses that we had a hard time convincing them to get dinner from one of the many food trucks available.

On Saturday the kids participated in a cooking class. The theme was healthy breakfast. While the class was fun the kids admitted that they didn't really like the dishes they made.

Later in the day they got to go to the bounce house to celebrate their cousin's birthday.  It was a super fun day.

This activity probably didn't end as badly as it looks like it will...
The three day weekend was a nice break from the normal but now it's back to school and work for all of us!

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